"My pure bliss, helping broken souls heal from the pains of abuse by empowering them with purpose, passion and self-expression to become stronger for a better world."
Guy Giard

Canadian artist Guy Giard provides inspirational coaching and lectures for victims of sexual abuse, their friends and families, caregivers and health professionals. As an artist, musician and humanitarian clown with Dr. Clown Patch Adams, he openly shares his journey of healing from childhood sexual abuse.

Addressing this sensitive and emotionally charged subject with love, humor, vulnerability and humility, he teaches the 3 steps of his inner self expression program: Listen - Love - Create. These 3 steps have helped transform the painful consequences of sexual abuse into serenity, belonging and abundance through a rich, positive, powerful, joyful and purposeful life.

Guy Giard Personal Coach
Webinars & keynotes
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Dr Patch Adams & Guy Giard

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Guy Giard humanitarian clown with Patch Adams

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