Winter runs, laughter yoga and fasting

Guy Giard 10k run March 27, 2022

Having fun in the snow!

I just started a new winter sport: snow running! That is bare chest snow running.

I never ran before and as they closed the gyms last year I decided to get back in shape one way or another, so took up running at age 60. After a few weeks I hurt my knees as I had no clue of what I was doing! Luckily I went to see a running specialist who taught me the good basic principles. Learning of the correct posture and the cadence of around 180 steps per minute I started a healing and running protocol of 30 seconds running followed by 3 minutes walking and so on. Today Iím up to 3 1/2 minutes running with 30 seconds walking. I gradually aim to get to 5 minutes.

Iíve been asked a few time how to gradually get into the cold.

Hereís an overview from my experience so far. The weather has been gradually getting colder and I got worried so I did research and found Wim Hof about a month ago. My inspiration was to watch youtube docs on him, so I know it is safe to do more. There is the physical component and the mental component. I rarely use the word or concept Ďcoldí and just say I have sensations. I constantly monitor my breathing and my body when I run. If itís pink and I feel then I feel safe. I have gloves, hat, socks, scarf in my pocket, my shirt and windbreaker around my waist, just in case.

The key to tolerance, but I donít like the word, letís say habit or enjoyment, is to go gradual. Change only one thing at a time, time, distance. As fall arrived I maintained the same time, and was already running barefoot and shirtless, so as the weather went down I didnít change anything. Iím still experimenting in not putting on hats and gloves. Because of the salt, slush and ice I had to put on my minimal beach shoes, and waterproof socks. If itís cold and dry then I will try my new sandals, see how my toes goes. But, as regards to clothes Iíd say not gradual but all or nothing, this is my Ďtheoryí but if the body is halfway dressed it might not start the fat burning heating process and you may just end up shivering.

Last thing, in the first half hour of running I feel more challenged by the sensations, and then suddenly it just gets easier and sometimes I just sweat from feeling hot. Be respectful and monitor your body, always be relaxed, never tense up, and enjoy the feeling of freedom.

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