Guy Giard  English edition 2022

1- Working title:

Love's Healing Journey  or Victory over abuse
(but I will avoid the word abuse in the title,
as the bestsellers in that category don't say what is the problem actually is
(see covers below)
Victory over Silence
Victory over the Void
Victory over Emptiness
Victory over Loneliness

2- Working Subtitle:

Art, music, a red nose and a few cats; a mysterious true clown memoir
Art, music, a red nose and a few cats; a mysterious true crime memoir

Van Gogh, Pink Floyd, a red nose, an orphanage, a little blue ukulele, and four cats.
From Amsterdam through Paris, Guatemala, Moscow, India,
a true humanitarian clown mystery memoir.

How I healed myself from childhood sexual abuse and became a messenger of lov
 through humanitarian clowning in Guatemala, India, Russia and more!
With an introduction by Dr Patch Adams.
maybe an illustration that shows a red clown nose and a blue ukulele.
with this title:
Blue Ukulele: How I healed from childhood sexual abuse and became a messenger of love
through humanitarian clowning in Guatemala, India, Russia and more!

3- Author:

Guy Giard
Foreword by Patch Adams MD

4- Keypoints:

My book is an autobiography on how I healed myself from childhood sexual abuse.
My message: you can heal from abuse and have an amazing life
It is written in the style of a mystery creative non-fiction novel
It is a journey that takes place from 1959 to 2018
In Montreal, Canada, Amsterdam, Paris, East Berlin, Guatemala, Peru, India, Russia
The first half is under repressed memory, no talk about abuse until the middle
It explains my artworks and music composition which can be found on the net
It describes the pain of loneliness, bad relationships, bullying, sexual shame, suicide, PTSD
Positive inspirational story offering the tools I used to heal myself
Healing came through listen to pop music descibed in the book
I became a humanitarian clown and travelled with Dr Patch Adams
The story has a few passages descriptive of the abuse which can be triggering
This is NOT a how-to theorical book with steps or an inspirational book.

5- Preface

Dear friend,
This book is my personal fifty-eight-year-long journey of living through the pain of loneliness, the excitement of daring new life challenges and, ultimately, the joy of finding purpose, love for myself and for humanity.
I wrote it with you, the reader, in mind, retracing my steps to give you hints of how I was able to heal myself from the hurt of childhood sexual abuse. Not only is this my autobiography, it’s also a riveting adventure full of passion, my artworks, music compositions, humor, spanning across three continents, written in such a way that you feel as if you’re along for the ride on my emotional roller coaster of a life.

Everything you will read in these pages really happened. I’ve re-created the situations and conversations based on my recollections, correspondence, and diaries, but in some cases, I changed certain physical traits, names, and professions in the interest of protecting the privacy of the individuals whose paths I have crossed. However, a few passages may be sensitive and could potentially have a trigger effect for victims of past traumas. I chose to include these to help readers better understand the pains of abuse and the benefits of the healing process; more so, I have done so delicately and with respect.

Lastly, as an added bonus, you can augment your reading experience with the artworks, music compositions, videos, and interviews described in this book, which are available freely online for your viewing pleasure at It’s a virtual-reality extravaganza that will allow you to immerse yourself in my healing journey.

I wish such a book existed when I was at the beginning of my healing journey, but it didn’t. So I decided to write it myself to be of service to all who feel that there is more to life then what they are living through presently. I’m gently handing my story to you as a caring friend, and as a life coach if it inspires you to undertake your own healing journey yourself, then I will have reached my goal in writing this book. I have discovered love along the way, and I wish you the same.

Have a wonderful journey.
Love,  Guy Giard

6- Backcover:

Bullied by his brothers, at school, and at work, Guy, played the role of the “Silent Good Boy” and avoided attracting attention to himself, but his nightmares eventually caught up with him. Alone and afraid of his sexuality, he desperately sought love to give meaning to his life. When his passion for art sent him to study in Europe, mysterious and unexpected memories began to emerge.

Through nearly sixty years of incredible adventures that are at times humorous, tender, and even shocking, Canadian-born artist Guy Giard reveals the secret of how he healed himself from repressed memories, PTSD, low self-esteem, and suicidal thoughts. In his autobiography, Guy bares his soul to share how music, art, writing, travel, humanitarian clowning, and Vipassana meditationa spiritual journey restored his faith and gave him a new purpose. in life.

This inspiring book could transform your life!
This intimate book offers you tools to:
- Help survivors identify their emotions, better understand the impact of sexual assault and open paths to their healing journey;
- Encourage partners, friends and caregivers to share the feelings they and their loved ones are experiencing in order to better support them in their healing journey;
- Inspire readers to create their own workbook in the form of a diary.

7- Here are some comments from readers for keywords

We have had the privilege to have Guy on several of our clown trips. He is a big, softhearted soul whose radiant smile has brought much glee and stimulation for the trips. He and I have spoken often, and I truly feel his passion for living radiantly, using clowning as a tool to help midwife a loving world. To hear of his own transformation to bring a loving soul will inspire others to try it on. Let him sparkle your environment.

 Such an inspiring book. This book by Guy Giard is quite unique and such a delight to read. It exposes raw emotions and it is written in such a beautiful way but without leaving the complex agony of going through such hardship. I can really relate to some of his emotions and I applaud him for writing this book.
 I highly recommend this book as it is so deep and so amazing on such different levels of human emotions. Powerful words for such an incredible story of life not always being what you think it will be… I really loved reading this book.

A positive life story that balances the devastation often left by acts of abuse with the redemption or rebirth that the love of others can bring. A life journey that is worth reading and from which one learns beautiful life lessons!

There are difficult and sad passages, from your youth and later on. What is beautiful is the journey and the bounce back from the bottom of the barrel that you lived. It is the love, the approach and the consolation brought in the orphanages and the people on your path of Life.

I loved your book and devoured it. Not only is it well written, it reads like a gripping detective story. My heart wept as I read about your horrific experiences that cannot help but leave deep scars. Bravo for having the courage and resilience to not only be reborn, but to use those scars for the benefit of others.

"This book by Guy Giard is not only well written, but also a very useful reference that promotes hope in the therapeutic process of integrating the trauma experienced by victims of assault suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This book can also be an interesting read for therapists treating victims of aggression.
Marjolaine Gosselin, PHD, retired psychologist.

This is a very interesting book about the life of a child, surviving through all the trials and tribulations of life, growing up this child was able to find the way to joy, empathy, and beauty. A book to read to understand what we can do to not surrender to despair!!!

The book is very well written, fluid style. One always wants to know more, to read the next page. A life full of pitfalls, failures, rejections, abandonments, rejections. Despite all the aggressions, failures, rejections, abandonments, it is possible to reach serenity. The author has a message of hope for all those who have been flayed by life.

An inspiring book that sows hope. Very well written, easy to read and navigate the mystery, humor, horror, love and resilience of a man who always does his best to choose the best in himself.

Thank you for the joy in this difficult time. I was very tense and nervous at that time. But when you arrived, a miracle happened, I felt light and well, and we could feel the happiness! I am very grateful to you and I am happy that we met. It was a huge relief for me! Especially when you see how your child laughs and rejoices. Thank you Guy! God brought you to us!

What I liked was the idea that you talk about your past and what happened to you, but at the same time you don't talk about it as a victim. You talk about it as the person who got through it, as a warrior, a warrior, who tells a little bit of his story but doesn't feel sorry for himself. I really like the arrangement, there are moments you're going to talk really a lot about music, and I was listening to music too, so I felt like I was really with you in that whole novel, I was really with you the whole time. I think I read it in three days. I came back from work and the first thing on my mind was that I had to finish the book. I really wanted to finish it. And then when you go to do your meditation, I was there, like I was there with you the whole time. So your way of telling things too, we feel like we're really integrated, like we're really part of your story. The music is really important because every time there was an important event there is like a music that is attached to it, and it's funny because I do that in my life too. If I listen to old music I remember what state I was in when I was listening to that music.

I would definitely recommend this book to people who have challenges so that they realize that you can get through it; that yes you can tell your story but at the same time you are not your story. Even if you were abused in your past, it doesn't mean that you have to be abused today. You can free yourself from that in the process. That's what I see in this book, it's like a story of liberation, a story of healing. It's more a story of healing than of being a victim, and that's why I would recommend it to someone who needs to heal.

To Guy. Never forget that you have a gift. A gift of resilience. And for those who don’t have that and are still suffering, it is your life’s purpose to heal others. Keep open to the gifts the universe gives you. With love. Thank you.

8- Biographie:

Born in Montréal, Canada, Guy Giard lived in France and the Netherlands for many years and has traveled to three continents. He’s a Certified Humor Professional (CHP) and a Certified Laughter Yoga leader, and he holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University in Montreal and pursued advanced studies at the national art academy of the Netherlands. He has received grants from the Canadian Arts Council and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.

As an artist, Guy has exhibited his work for more than four decades, and as a musician, has been performing for more than thirty years. As Uku the clown, he has provided humanitarian aid in collaboration with Patch Adams. He also presents talks and workshops on healing from sexual abuse and creating an extraordinary life. This is his first book in English. Translations in French and Spanish have previously been published.

Guy is available as a life coach and for conferences to give talks and workshops (in French or English) on overcoming abuse, healing, purpose, the loving art of humanitarian clowning and creativity
For further information and to subscribe to his newsletter, visit You can also follow him on the following social media sites:

Talk I gave about my story

My artworks I mention in the book
Paintings, drawings and scultpures here

Installation exhibition

To know exactly what is the humanitarian clowning I did

9- Table of content


Part I - The Fall   (All Montreal, Canada) (Ages 0 - 27)

1- No-Man’s-Land
2- Mr. Crooked Teeth
3- Felix
4- Where There’s Smoke . . .
5- The Return of Mr. Crooked Teeth
6- Cassandra
7- Catherine
8- First love (Artworks)
9- Sex and Rockabilly (Artworks)
10- Cerberus (Artworks)
11- Jack the Ripper (Artworks)
12- Mack the Night (Artworks)
13- Angels to the Rescue (Artworks)

Part 2 -Revelations (Ages 27 - 36)

14- Free as a Bird (Amsterdam, Artworks)
15- Studio Secrets (Amsterdam, Artworks)
16- All That Jazz (Amsterdam, Artworks)
17- Green Light for the Red Light (Amsterdam, Artworks)
18- Vincent (Amsterdam, Berlin, Artworks)
19- Sparks of Life (Amsterdam, Artworks)
20- The Walls Came Crashing (Amsterdam, First Memories)
21- Leaving Home (Amsterdam)
22- The Family Show (Canada Art Exhibitions)
23- Li’l Barb
24- Say, If It Were True
25- Finding a Key
26- The Family Show II and III (Canada Art Exhibitions)
27- The Family Show IV (Canada Art Exhibitions)
28- On the Other Side of a Bridge (Canada Art Exhibitions)
29 -A Fairy Tale (Paris, Second Memories)
30- Tears on the Telephone (Paris)
31- Legends and Goddesses (Paris)
32- Count Tolstoy (Paris)
33- Now or Never? (Paris)

Part 3- Love Clown (Age 52 - 58)

34- The King of Neurology
35- The Little Princess
36- A Good Boy
37- Tears of Clown (Laughter Yoga)
39- Café con Leche Caliente, Por Favor (Clown, Guatemala)
40- The Love Bus (Clown, Guatemala)
41- Yorbeli (Clown, Guatemala)
42- But Where’s Brian? (Clown, Guatemala)
43- Family Crisis
44- Maria (Clown, India)
45- A Good Man (Clown, India)
46- Mud Angel (Clown, Peru)
47- Kolya (Clown, Russia)
48- Beyond Good and Evil
49- The Great Disconnect (Vipassana)
50- The Chain Mail (Vipassana)
51- The Wormhole (Vipassana)
52- Fantastic Voyage (Vipassana)
53- The bare truth (Vipassana)
54- The Holy Grail (Vipassana)
55- The Tunnel (Vipassana)
56- It’s Alright Now

Interview with Dr. Patch Adams
About the Author

Premiminary test cover:

Formats I will need:
Hardcover with wrap around flaps

I would like something with impact, colorful, playful and mysterious, covering most of the background

Covers that I like:

I like all the covers by this designer: Jean Gray

I like the book trend covers #3 and #5 on this page
please look at the page.

A good source for free font:

some more free fonts here: Besom, Aloja, Banaue, Nafta

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Here are the best sellers in the category of memoir biography:

What I can see here is that they basically use one word
no more than three




Here are the best sellers in the category of abuse:
They use more the structure: THIS, then THAT


Tears of the Silenced: An Amish True Crime Memoir of Childhood Sexual Abuse,
Brutal Betrayal, and Ultimate Survival

The Boy in the Barn

Notes on a Silencing: A Memoir

This the present cover wrap-around in French and Spanish
but I have rewriten and edited the book so the english edition is different

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