Welcome, I've created this webpage with more questions, video links
and a sample if you would like to read my style of writing.
You can download the first four chapters of my manuscript down below.

Book description

Love's Healing Journey
A true story of victory over sexual abuse

This will be the new cover

I am looking for great line editing for the flow of the text.
As the book is meant to be read as a novel with dialogues,
I expect to have words and lines moved around
for a natural flow of the speaking voice.

Being French Canadian and fully bilingual, I want to use
US english phrasing, words and punctuation. So I also expect
to have word changes and suggestions.

Finally as this new manuscript is a rewrite,
it doesn't have to follow the previous editions.

Also if you are inclined to show how your editing would be like,
I would appreciate if you could do a sample edit
of Chapter 2 The Swings which is about 1k words.

I will review all submissions with the same love and care you've put into it.

Now for some more specific questions:

- How does your experience fit with the purpose of my autobiography?

- How do we work together: emails? chat? videocalls?

- I am looking for line editing, do you also offer copy editing and proofreading?

- Once you've submited your finished work, is a revision included?

- What would be the estimated costs and timeframe for our collaboration?
PS: As I didn't expect so many offers the overall cost might come to play
when I have to choose my editor. Nevertheless the quality and flow of the storytelling
is the primary deciding element. This book as to read like butter on a hot summer day.

- Last questions, is there something you think is important and would like to add?

My book, already self-published in French and Spanish,
is an autobiography of about 100k words available online as:

LE GRINCEMENT DES BALANÇOIRES: DE LA SURVIE À L’ÉPANOUISSEMENT, la véritable histoire d’une victoire sur l’abus sexuel (French Edition) (Guy Giard Love's Healing Journey)

EL CHIRRIDO DE LOS COLUMPIOS: De la supervivencia a la plenitud, Una historia real de superación del abuso sexual (Guy Giard Love's Healing Journey) (Spanish Edition)

You can see my authors page on Amazon here:

I am a French Canadian born and raised in Montreal and the subject of my book is my 60 year healing journey from childhood sexual abuse to becoming a volunteer humanitarian clown with Dr Patch Adam.

 My story includes art, music and travel on 3 continents, with drama, humor and the presence of Dr. Patch Adams, who wrote the book's foreword. It is written in the style of Creative Non-Fiction, losely follows the "hero's journey" format, and reads like a mystery novel.The book's purpose, beside being a dynamic positive success story, is to inspire and suggests healing tools to other survivors of childhood sexual abuse as well as to be a good story to read.

Here is the description of my book from the back cover:

Intimidated in his family, at school and at work, Guy, the good, quiet boy, flees anonymously during the day, but is caught up at night by nightmares. Scared by his sexuality, alone, he desperately seeks love to give meaning to his life. While his passion for the arts sends him to study in Europe, mysterious and unexpected memories emerge...

Through sixty years of incredible adventures, often tender, funny and sometimes shocking, travel on three continents with Canadian artist Guy Giard. In this fascinating autobiographical tale, he reveals his tools for healing post-traumatic stress, self-hatred and suicidal thoughts. You will be amazed at how art, music, writing, humanitarian clowning and Vipassana, among others, have given meaning to his life and given him a new mission in life.

This inspiring book could transform your life and offers you tools for :

- Help survivors identify their emotions, better understand the impact of sexual assault and open paths to their healing journey ;

- Encourage partners, friends and caregivers to share the feelings they and their loved ones are experiencing in order to better support them in their healing journey;

- Inspire readers to create their own workbook in the form of a diary.

Includes an Afterword and Interview with Dr. Patch Adams, an American physician and humanitarian clown.

"We were privileged to have Guy on five of our clown trips. He is a great soul with a tender heart, whose radiant smile has brought a lot of joy and stimulation to the trips. He and I have often spoken and I truly feel his passion for living, radiant, using the clown as a tool to help bring a world of love into being. Hearing about his own transformation into a loving soul will inspire others to try it. Let it sparkle in your environment. »
Dr. Patch Adams, American physician, social activist, clown and author.

 "To Guy: Never forget that you have a gift. A gift of resilience. And for those who don't and who are still suffering, it is your life's purpose to heal others. Remain open to the gifts the universe offers you. With love, thank you. »
Judy Carter, American actress, motivational speaker and author.

GUY GIARD was born in the French-speaking province of Quebec, Canada. He lived for many years in Europe and has travelled on three continents. He is a Certified Humor Professional, Certified Laughter Yoga Facilitator and Bachelor of Visual Arts with extensive studies at the National Academy of Fine Arts of the Netherlands. He is the recipient of several grants including the Canada Council for the Arts and the Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec.

As a visual artist he has been exhibiting his work for more than forty years and as a musician he has been performing in concert for thirty years. An author, lecturer and passionate humorist, he has been a "Uku" humanitarian clown with Dr. Patch Adams and gives lectures and workshops on healing sexual abuse and creating extraordinary lives. His publications are translated into several languages and are available internationally in print, audio book and electronic formats.

Exceptionally, "as if you were there", you can follow on his website most of the events described in his book: exhibitions, compositions, concerts, interviews and much more. Go to www.guygiard.com

Here are the first four chapters of my manuscript
so you can see my style of writing

Some clips from my humanitarian clowning

French television interview

Talk in Chicago

Art installation on sexual abuse I created in 1991

This is another art project I did with text in 4 languages
French - English - Spanish - First Nation Montagnais
Click the image to view

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Thank you!!

Thanks again, I look forward to hear from you
Have a great day!  Guy